Cookie Jam Review: How to Win a Stage


There are many ways to win a Cookie Jam stage. You need to use a few different approaches in order to make sure you score higher. Apart from the generic tips that you use combos and match more pairs, there are a few complex tactics you need to mind if you want to end the…

Sudoku Free – A Great Android App For Your Leisure Time


Looking for a new game to enjoy your free time? Well, we’ve a new game for you, Sudoku, a free Android puzzle game that can turn your boredom into a great entertainment. It’s all free and there’s nothing you need to pay to access any feature. It’s a logic-based puzzle game designed for both kids…

Get the Most Out of Your Mobile with Super Flashlight App


In this advanced, high-tech world, everything is getting upgraded to meet the modern’s day needs – be it smartphones, cars or even mobile apps. Bearing this in mind, we are up with a new app called Super Flashlight that can help you in your daily life. The app takes full advantage of your smartphone’s LED…

Word Search Puzzle – Enjoy Your Free Time with This Great Game


It’s in our human nature that we soon get bored with the same things – be it our home interior, car or even the stuff in our mobile phone. Today, we’re up with a new game, Word Search Puzzle that can really turn your free boredom into a thrilling fun. Developed by Potato Game Studio,…

Tips to Avoid Getting Stuck in Solitaire Spider Freecell Card Game


Solitaire spider freecell card game is a strategy game that’s not the ideal choice if you are looking to have a blast. But for people who have are addicted, they need to know a few things before starting another game. For starters, you better play or transfer 5,6,7 or 8 card in many situations. This…

Pro Rank Tracker – The Best Way to Increase Your Web Presence

SEO and analysis

Want to increase your SEO visibility and having problem tracking your keywords in Google? Well, it’s something only a reliable service provider like Pro Rank Tracker can do with the utmost accuracy you deserve. I myself have gone through such situation when it was on a quest to find a reliable rank tracking tool. Really,…

4 Things You Need to Know Before Booking the Best Spa Packages in Manhattan


Spa is meant to be a relaxing experience whether you want a massage or a body wrap. You can choose between the Best Facials in Manhattan and get your preferred treatment. You can make the experience even better by following these easy tips. Watch Your Diet You need to control what you eat a few…

Photo Studio – Android Pic Editor App


Photo Studio is a photo application for Blackberry and Android composed of effects and tools to increase the quality of photographs but InstaSize-Photo Editor, an Android pic editor app is only developed for Android users. Filters, effects, color editor and frames are available for you to transform your photos and share with friends on social…

Tips to Organize Wine Bottles on Wine Racks


When you receive your friends and family at home it is ideal that you have everything ready: food, drinks and a pleasant environment. How about keeping a wine rack at home? In this way you will have your drinks always available and you can receive anybody you want at any time. You can put it…

Phone Security: The Best Free Anti-Virus App


It’s better to be safe than sorry. Although most anti-virus apps don’t make a difference with smartphones, but there are a few exceptions. There are some anti-virus apps designed for smartphone users that keep your device and content safe. Following, we are reviewing Phone Security and see how well it holds up! Intro Phone Security…

Art Patron, Poonam Bhagat facing Divorce and Fraudulent Cases at the Same Time


Well-known Industrialist, Jaidev Shroff filed for divorce against his second wife, Poonam Bhagat.  This case has taken the press by storm. Jaidev Shroff and Poonam Bhagat were married in late 2005 and after eleven years of marriage, Jaidev filed for divorce. His reasons for doing so are quite drastic. In his statement, Jaidev mentioned that…

Bubble Shooter Review: Tetris and Puzzle Elements


The Bubble Shooter is a Tetris sort of puzzle game. It comes with interactive gameplay elements and a beautiful color scheme. The style of game is nothing new but we have to appreciate every detail. The team dedicated a lot of effort and care for each detail. This is clearly seen in the final product….