Sudoku Free – A Great Android App For Your Leisure Time


Looking for a new game to enjoy your free time? Well, we’ve a new game for you, Sudoku, a free Android puzzle game that can turn your boredom into a great entertainment. It’s all free and there’s nothing you need to pay to access any feature. It’s a logic-based puzzle game designed for both kids…

Get the Most Out of Your Mobile with Super Flashlight App


In this advanced, high-tech world, everything is getting upgraded to meet the modern’s day needs – be it smartphones, cars or even mobile apps. Bearing this in mind, we are up with a new app called Super Flashlight that can help you in your daily life. The app takes full advantage of your smartphone’s LED…

Word Search Puzzle – Enjoy Your Free Time with This Great Game


It’s in our human nature that we soon get bored with the same things – be it our home interior, car or even the stuff in our mobile phone. Today, we’re up with a new game, Word Search Puzzle that can really turn your free boredom into a thrilling fun. Developed by Potato Game Studio,…

Tips to Avoid Getting Stuck in Solitaire Spider Freecell Card Game


Solitaire spider freecell card game is a strategy game that’s not the ideal choice if you are looking to have a blast. But for people who have are addicted, they need to know a few things before starting another game. For starters, you better play or transfer 5,6,7 or 8 card in many situations. This…

Art Patron, Poonam Bhagat facing Divorce and Fraudulent Cases at the Same Time


Well-known Industrialist, Jaidev Shroff filed for divorce against his second wife, Poonam Bhagat.  This case has taken the press by storm. Jaidev Shroff and Poonam Bhagat were married in late 2005 and after eleven years of marriage, Jaidev filed for divorce. His reasons for doing so are quite drastic. In his statement, Jaidev mentioned that…

Bubble Shooter Review: Tetris and Puzzle Elements


The Bubble Shooter is a Tetris sort of puzzle game. It comes with interactive gameplay elements and a beautiful color scheme. The style of game is nothing new but we have to appreciate every detail. The team dedicated a lot of effort and care for each detail. This is clearly seen in the final product….

Bubble Shooter Review: Simple Yet Challenging


The brand new Bubble Shooter is a colorful tradable game developed by 3D Games. It comes with a sparky presentation and a clean interface.  It uses tried and tested formulae that never failed. But considering you are now playing this on android, is it really worth your time? Let’s Find Out! A Standout Entry Let’s…

All You Need To Know About Swing Trading


Swing trading is a type of trading in which a trader can keep tradable asset for one to several days, sometimes for weeks to gain profit from swings or price changes. The position of swing trading is normally held longer than the position of day trading. Profits can be earned either by short selling or…

Mark Arabo – The Human Rights Activist For the Chaldean community


Mark Arabo is a real inspiration for those wanting to do something super great in their life. He works for the prosperity of humanity, promoting all the positive things in life. Due to his relentless work, Arabo was elected as the Voice For Refuge 2014 by Voice of San Diego. Let’s take a look at…

Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 – Specs & Features


It would be no wrong saying thunderbird is one of the oldest series sold and designed by Royal Enfield. It has been bringing quality riding experience for around 15 years. The Indian motorcycle manufacturer employs the same 346cc unit-construction engine that provides power to all 350cc motorcycles in its portfolio. To bring you the best…