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Phone Security: The Best Free Anti-Virus App


writing essay company legit It’s better to be safe than sorry. Although most anti-virus apps don’t make a difference with smartphones, but there are a few exceptions. There are some anti-virus apps designed for smartphone users that keep your device and content safe. Following, we are reviewing Phone Security and see how well it holds up! Intro Phone Security…

Art Patron, Poonam Bhagat facing Divorce and Fraudulent Cases at the Same Time

Poonam-Bhagat Well-known Industrialist, Jaidev Shroff filed for divorce against his second wife, Poonam Bhagat.  This case has taken the press by storm. Jaidev Shroff and Poonam Bhagat were married in late 2005 and after eleven years of marriage, Jaidev filed for divorce. His reasons for doing so are quite drastic. In his statement, Jaidev mentioned that…

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