Art Patron, Poonam Bhagat facing Divorce and Fraudulent Cases at the Same Time


ghostwriter for students academic paper Well-known Industrialist, Jaidev Shroff filed for divorce against his second wife, Poonam Bhagat.  This case has taken the press by storm. Jaidev Shroff and Poonam Bhagat were married in late 2005 and after eleven years of marriage, Jaidev filed for divorce. His reasons for doing so are quite drastic. In his statement, Jaidev mentioned that…

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True Friendship Quotes- My Pal, My Buddy


click True friendship is just like a pearl that is priceless. It is not to be sold, rather it is to be kept with you forever and to be taken care of and to swear that you won’t ever let go. True friends are meant to be with you forever, especially when you need them the…


Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Mobile Notary


source link With the moving time, we encounter many different situations in our lives. It could be related to any walk of life such as marriage life, legal problems and immigration issues. To handle such issues legally, we tend to avail services from experts who exactly know how it’s done. A mobile notary helps you settle down…