2017 Buick Enclave Sports-Touring Edition

The Sports-Touring Lineup:

Buick, in accordance with customer wishes and market demands, has been offering the “Sports-Touring Edition” with most of its automotive products. The next vehicle to join this line-up will be the 2017 Buick Enclave, an SUV that has seen remarkable success since its 2007 release. The Enclave has brought Buick a remarkable foothold in this sector of the market, with sales of SUVs increasing to occupy almost half of Buick’s overall business.


The New model:

Buick’s introduction of the enclave back in 2007 was targeted to deliver a luxury style SUV that would effectively compete against Buick’s rivals in this sector like Toyota and Audi. Buick handled the enclave with the concept that “Don’t change what is already perfect” and true to that essence, the design and technical specs of the 2017 Enclave still share a lot in common with the design and technicalities of the first enclave.

The inclusion of the Buick Enclave into the Sports-Touring Lineup comes with a range of somewhat minor upgrades to the classic SUV.


The most striking and apparent aesthetic difference is the Satin Black Ice grille on the front of the vehicle, housing a beautifully crafted Buick logo.

Other features include 20-inch chrome clad wheels, luxuriously finished with the Satin Black Ice accent, as well as High Intensity Discharge Headlights.


Everybody knows that the high quality feel of the cabin is perhaps the core of a successful SUV. Though the interior of the Buick Enclave Sports-Touring Edition will not be receiving any major overhaul in terms of design, but the luxury feel of the cabin is still retained and refined to host a more user-friendly environment. The list of standard features includes:


  • A wood trimmed, heated steering wheel for added driver convenience in all those cold mornings and evenings.
  • Heated front seats for even more convenience in cold weather.
  • Buick’s tri-zone automatic climate control system that self-adjusts air conditioning in response to the outside.
  • Buick’s QueitTuning for overall cabin noise reduction and a comfortable ride.
  • 3 rows of seats which can easily hold 7 adult passengers in a roomy comfortable manner.
  • 8 way power adjustable front seats for optimum comfort and seating styles.
  • A bright touchscreen display capable of displaying navigation controls and GPS functioning.
  • 4GLTE connectivity and built-in WiFi hotspot functionality so that you can seamlessly be connected on the go.

Performance and Safety:

As demands for road performance and safety increase day by day, Buick strives to always lead the competition with a suite of well polished specifications for all its automotives. Under the hood of the enclave is a 3.6 liter V-6 engine capable of producing 288hp and linked via a six speed transmission. It packs a good punch as you accelerate through the corners and, along with Anti-Lock Brake system preinstalled in all models, offers excellent driving experience.


Traction control and excellent braking ensure safety even in wet conditions and Buick offers all wheel drive models as well for all those enthusiastic to take the Enclave off-road.


The expected starting price of the Enclave will be about 40,000 USD.