Bring your Childhood Dreams to Life with 12 Magical Characters

Imagine a situation where you can be all that you have ever dreamed. In fact, it is not that far away. This is not a technological invention that will cause miracles and magic in your life.  This is something much more entertaining, lighthearted and fun … this will lead to the fulfillment of your secret and oldest dreams – the ones you never imagined would come true.


Introducing, the Malafachos Art Toys … a magical collection of 12 characters that allow you to dream, hope, smile, create and have fun just like you did in childhood.  These toys were made to awaken long forgotten childhood dreams through its unique collection of twelve friends, with twelve names, twelve different personalities and many aspirations for “when I grow up”.

It’s a collection that represents your world without barriers or prejudices and reminds you that no matter who you are you can see your dreams come true.

Everyone will be able to find at least one thing in each of the characters that they can identify with. For example, one of the characters is Ploba, who enjoys playing sports such as football, basketball, baseball. Wherever there are sports there is Ploba. He is very agile and fast. He wants to be a stockbroker when he grows up.

Another character is Negrura, who is African-American. Negrura has music in his blood and can turn any object into a drum. He likes to play the conga and timbales, and he has dreams to be sonero. Then there’s Pacha who is of indigenous origin and has a very strong bond with his identity. Gifted with a talent for organization, Pacha dreams of becoming a renowned activist when he is older.

There’s also Pechurin whose love for playing guitar fuels his desire to be a rock star when he grows up. He wants to travel around the world with his band and invite all his friends to see his concerts.

These are just some of the 12 characters in the Malafacho toy collection that will awaken the ability to wonder, explore and be creative in your aspirations to be whoever you want to be. This brave new adventure into the world of thought and imagination toys for adults can be used individually or socially, with friends or family.

Research by the toys’ inventors showed that through daily contact with one character or multiple characters, it took no more than 40 days for users to become inspired to discover the magical world had been dormant for many years and start to fulfill those long forgotten childhood dreams.

Multiculturalism is part of the identity of Qoonas, the company that makes these toys. These influences have been infused into the toy collection to allow users to enjoy cultural richness from many points of view.

Let the adventure begin and start to realize your dreams today!

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