Bubble Shooter Review: Tetris and Puzzle Elements

The Bubble Shooter is a Tetris sort of puzzle game. It comes with interactive gameplay elements and a beautiful color scheme. The style of game is nothing new but we have to appreciate every detail. The team dedicated a lot of effort and care for each detail. This is clearly seen in the final product. It’s a fun pick and is quite addictive.

Everything is fairly simple, you have a bubble, and you need to smash it to pop 3 or more bubbles above. Line up 3 bubbles of same color. This is not as easy as It sound before the above bubbles move down and make things tense.


Gameplay and other Features

Bubble Shooter is as fun game and it can be challenging for novice players. Each level becomes more difficult but nothing feels rushed in. Once a level is completed, the score and rating are shown which basically gives the incentive to return and improve performance.

The overall feel of Bubble Shooter is good and straight forward. There are different types of contents in game which keep things interested. The later level needs some sort of strategy to keep things in motion. Following are a few of its great features:

  • Engaging Levels
  • Unlimited Lives
  • Hours of Gameplay with no Restrictions
  • Aim and Tap on the target
  • Challenging yet Fun
  • Powerful Boosters
  • Great Value for in App Purchases

Final Word

This is a well-developed game considering all. It features a simple premise and easy controls. Great attention is given to each detail and the product reeks of it.  The Bubble Shooter is a combination of Tetris and bubble shooting mixed with modern Action Adventure and role playing. The Brain Games have delivered a great game and we hope the future updates will make it even better. In the end, it’s a great fun time.