Fun Ways to Celebrate at a Wedding

Weddings are one of the most fun and exciting experiences you can have in life because of the dancing, eating, and drinking that takes place at nearly every reception. Guests often look forward to indulging in late hour fun for weeks in advance and start booking their hotel rooms and other essentials as soon as they get their invitation. With all those guest making a commitment to show up at your wedding and share in the party, providing them with the time of their lives is pretty much a given and is something most couples strive for in their planning endeavors. Besides the standard activities that are featured at an every wedding, you can go above and beyond to find creative fun ways to celebrate at your wedding that will make it a unique experience for everyone who attends.

Fun Pictures

One of the simplest ways to make your wedding celebration stand out from the crowd is to setup some fun and interesting photo shoots. Almost every wedding scrapbook is full of the classic shots like the first kiss and cutting the cake, but coming up with something special will make your wedding photos unforgettable. One of my favorite examples is having the entire bridal party running towards the camera acting as if there as something chasing them, then the photographer edited in a giant Tyrannosaurus Rex behind them. While you will want to get all the classic shots too, something unique like this example will make for a much more memorable photograph.

Sparkler Send-off Line


Most people are familiar with the idea of having a “grand exit” or “send-off line” at the end of their reception, but usually the guests are given rice or birdseed to throw as the couple makes their getaway. However, if you choose to use sparklers for your send-off line instead of these traditional items, you can give your guests something more fun and exciting while at the same time getting better looking pictures. Sparklers show up much better than rice or birdseed on film, so everyone will know exactly what was going on as the bride and groom make their way to the limousine. On top of that, there is much less waste created when you use wedding sparklers because everyone can throw away their stick and there’s nothing to clean up off of the ground.

Sky Diving


Though this idea may seem a bit outrageous to some people, what could be more memorable than photos of the bride and groom free-falling in their tuxedo and wedding dress? When couples choose to have sky diving as part of their ceremony, they usually invite the whole bridal party to take part in the experience. If you choose to go through with this idea, you may want to do it the night before your wedding at the groom’s dinner or plan transportation from your ceremony site and back. Many couples do their ceremony, do their sky diving photo shoot, then return to the reception hall to greet the rest of their guests and share the story.