Know How You Can Download Facebook Videos on Your Android Smartphone

Almost everyone with tech craze uses Facebook in order to be connected with friends. You see lots of videos uploaded by one of your liked pages or friends every day. Upon browsing session, you may come across many funny and interesting videos that you would like to download on your Android handset for offline viewing. Unfortunately, most of us don’t know how to do it. Bearing this in mind, we have come up with a guide that will let you know how you can download Facebook Videos on your Android smartphone. Let’s find out how it’s done:


Step 1 – All you need is to download & install the Facebook Video Free app.

Step 2 – Open Facebook and tap on the video you want to download. The installed app should appear in action menu. Select the Facebook Video Free app. Note: It’s recommended that you should choose ‘’Just Once’’ rather than ‘’Always’’. If you select ‘’Always’’, it’ll start downloading every video file you tap on Facebook.

If you have done it mistakenly, there’s a still option as you can redo it by going to application’s setting in Apps Manager. Clear defaults and you are done.

Step 3 – Change the file name (if you want to) and choose the storage location where you want to keep the video file. Mostly, you’ll see it in your phone’s default movie folder if you don’t choose any specific location.

Step 4 – After choosing location, tap on the Ok and it will start downloading. You could also see it downloading on the top bar of your smartphone.

Now, you have made it. It’s super simple, isn’t it?

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