Why Movie Streaming Has Turned Over Download

Before we start discussing these two, let me offer you some basic information about both, so you’re able to fully understand the difference.

  • Downloading :

This happens when you want to store any kind of file into your computer. It’s basically a process where you obtain a copy of such file from any place in the internet, and store it in your computer.


  • Streaming

Streaming is more of an on-going process, where your device is constantly receiving data from a source through the internet. This way, you don’t need to obtain the file, but instead access it through a stream without downloading it.

Alright so, you must be wondering why streaming is superior, or which one to use on each occasion, and that’s what we’re here for. Each of these methods has their pros&cons, and I’ll present them to you:





×You don’t need to store the files, which leads to removing a lot of stress from your hard drive. This comes in really handy when listening to music, videos, or just casual files you don’t want to store. However, you’ll need to connect with the source every time you want the file. × Handling files might get messy, seeing as you will have to constantly delete files you don’t want anymore. Unless you’re hoarding them, which will quire a heavy hard drive.
× You can access the file at the same time as its being streamed, if you’re watching a movie you don’t need to wait for the whole movie to download in order to see it. × You must download the complete file in order to access it, as some formats can’t be opened unless downloaded completely. If your connection messes up, this might mean you’ll have to download from 0.
× Your device is somewhat safer, seeing as you don’t store the files in your computer; it is significantly safer than downloading. The stream never goes into your computer and it’s just being displayed. ×This exposes your device to unknown and unwanted malware if not protected by a competent anti-virus. Must be very careful, and examine properly from whom you’re downloading.

Lastly, I’ll present you some basic info on both methods and a few tips on which methods to apply on different occasions:

∞Streams require a heavy amount of on-going data.This might leave your device depleted of energy, and will most likely storm through your data plan.

∞It’s cool not having to store all that stuff in your device while streaming, however, you will need a constant active connection.

∞ You know it’s downloading time when you’re going away from Wi-Fi and don’t wish to spend your data plan, or simply when you’re going to a place with no data reach.

∞If you don’t possess much storage space in your drive, then you won’t  want to keep downloading stuff, streaming time it is.

∞You can always write down the songs or movies of your favourite streams and then download them if you’re planning to go off-signal!


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While people are downloading and wasting hard disk and time for storing movies, give the proper value to your time, and stream!