Online Bloom Boxes as A Gift

What woman doesn’t like to be given a bunch of pretty flowers? Moreover, accompanied by sweet words and smiles? It can be an emergency solution when the idea to give a gift doesn’t come. In today’s era, there are many flower creations that we can choose from, one of which is the bloom box flower. Usually, the flowers used for bloom boxes are preserved flowers. As the name suggests, a bloom box means flowers arranged in a box. Bloom boxes are now an alternative for consumers who are bored with flower arrangements in vases or glass jars as well as flowers or hand bouquets. Flower boxes like this will last longer without needing to be moved into a vase or bowl.

Happy Anniversary

Just flush with a little water so that the base of the stem is always moist.

Preserved flowers are natural flowers that are preserved with a special technique to maintain the authenticity of the flowers. Compared to dried flowers, preserved flowers have the appearance of living flowers with a fresh finish. You can enjoy preserved flowers for years without the need for water. Preserved flowers are also easy to care for and clean, so they are often used as room decorations or gifts.

You certainly want to enjoy the bright colors and soft textures for a long time, right? For that, you should put it in a place that is not exposed to direct sunlight. Also, avoid places that are humid or have high temperatures. Of course, it is not difficult to do that. With proper care, you can enjoy the beauty of these flowers for a long time.

When a bouquet of roses undergoes a process of preservation, not only does the appearance look the same, but the texture of the petals is also as flexible as the fresh version.

The advantages of preserved flowers do not stop at their appearance, but also their durability which can last for months or even years. Not only ecological, but preserved flowers are also economical in terms of price. Therefore, it is not surprising that most hotels, restaurants, or residences often use this type of flower for decoration purposes.

You can use flower delivery Singapore service to help choose and send your dream bloom box. The flower shop you choose determines the quality you will get.

Below are some recommendations for bloom box flowers that you can choose from.

White Roses

  1. A Box of White Roses

Roses are one of the most popular flowers to give to someone special. The shape is beautiful, the smell is also good. Plus, roses have a variety of beautiful color choices, not only red. One of the most popular is the white rose.

White roses symbolize purity, innocence, and youth. Roses of this color are also often used at weddings because of their association with pure love and eternal fidelity. Another symbol of the white rose is the beginning of eternal love. Such deep meaning makes white roses much in demand.

  1. Wooden Box with Assorted Flowers

Wooden Box with Assorted Flowers

You can adjust the choice of flowers to his liking. There are various kinds of flowers that you can mix. But still, pay attention to its meaning. For example, baby breath. This flower can be defined as a baby’s breath. Baby’s breath can mean innocence, purity to pure white. Many also wear it for weddings. Which has the meaning of harmony and sacred as well as a sacred relationship to immediately get the birth of their first child. In terms of philosophy, this flower is a bit classic. Namely, related to sincerity and eternal love. Which can be symbolized for couples who want to start a new life. This flower is often combined with beautiful roses. The collaboration of these two flowers can present the meaning of tempestuous love. aka strong love.

Second, jasmine flowers. This jasmine flower is taken from a Persian word, Yasmin which means a gift from God. Philosophically, jasmine flowers depict purity and sincerity as well as elegance in simplicity. In general, this jasmine flower is small in size and is white, so it does not have colors like other types of flowers. This jasmine flower has a fragrant and fragrant aroma. The scent of this flower is often associated with a symbol of love and affection. In the United States, this jasmine flower also has a meaning as a symbol of love, romance, and beauty.

  1. A Box of Dried Flowers

Dried Flowers Box

Although the majority of bloom boxes use preserved flowers, some use dried flowers. There are actually many different techniques for preserving fresh flowers. One of the most common methods is to hang flowers and allow them to dry or dehydrate naturally. Once the flower is completely dry, the color will be processed again so that it looks like the fresh version. However, the resistance of flowers that are often used for decorative purposes is not durable. The weakness of dried flowers generally lies in the stems that break easily, the color fades quickly, as well as the petals that fall easily. You can use gift delivery Singapore to help you prepare and ship your best gift.