Phone Security: The Best Free Anti-Virus App

It’s better to be safe than sorry. Although most anti-virus apps don’t make a difference with smartphones, but there are a few exceptions. There are some anti-virus apps designed for smartphone users that keep your device and content safe. Following, we are reviewing Phone Security and see how well it holds up!



Phone Security Apps is a protection platform for smartphone users which blocks and removes malware in real time and on demand. It informs the user about potential privacy risks in a simple way. It offers a few features you will only expect from a premium bundle.

This security app lets you check your data exposure via installed apps. It offers traditional options which lock apps and keep tem secured. Users are also getting additional features like device backup, phone tracker and profile setting. In addition of these premium features, you are also getting the generic ones such as cleaner, safe browsing etc.


  • Security scanner offers both on demand and scheduled scans
  • Secure web browsing lets you surf the internet without visiting any malware site, or downloading such content
  • System manager lets you keep track of data usage, memory use, battery life and consumption
  • Device Protection remote locates your phone and locks it


There is no denying that Phone Security Apps from MobileDev offers robust protection. It protects you against malicious content and threats. Now you don’t need to worry about phishing attacks or device performance, this anti-virus app takes care of all.

It runs smoothly while scanning threats. It doesn’t generate any false security alarm. The best feature of this app is its 100% protection rate. It offers great configuration options. Data Theft Prevent and phone tracking comes within the free version, however you can always pay to enjoy the premium option. Considering everything, we will say that it’s a win!