How to Style your Curly Hair

Some people go to higher lengths for curly hair with damageable machines such as curling irons, curlers and perms. It seems that natural curls acts as a curse for them. It is difficult for curly hairs to be styled, early morning; in humid climates hair is more tend to be frizzy. Moreover right hair cut, extra care and styling techniques can create smooth and gorgeous curly hair. Most of them think that they are fighting a battle against their hair while styling the curls according to most men. The fact is frizz, high volume and density of curls makes the matter worse.


Curly hair is especially prone to breakage. You may experience breakage when combing, detangling, or styling your curls. Breakage is most noticeable when brushing or combing your hair, removing a hair band, or in the shower.

You have got your curly hair rocking but suddenly start thinking about going bald. You see your scalp when parting the hair; you can even see your scalp under bright light. What’s going on? Are you going bald or is this normal? In such cases a hair expert is the person to visit and get treated for the hair problem. If you are suffering from this type of baldness problem then hair transplant is the best option for you. Hair implantation in Kolkata is very cheap compare to other cities of India.

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Apart from this you can also try out some remedies. Here are some of the styles and tips that will guide you to define your curls.

The Technique

When you wish to style your curly hair, you take the help of electronic gadgets. Most of them try to convert the curly hair when they are dry, which makes the problem worse. Remove all the excess water from your hair with the help of towel, before using any styling products. After using do not blow dry your hair, because it may end up looking like a birds nest.

Styling Products

Hair Oil Conditioner – it does not matter what style you opt for your hair, it is always necessary to use oil – based conditioner. Your hair dries; frizziness and volume of your hair will not allow your scalp to breathe. With the help of conditioner you can ensure yourself that your scalp is hydrated and your curls are tamed.

Pomade – spend some good quality pomade to your hair. As this styling can work wonder and can give you the best angle to your curls. It is not necessary to use this every day, but having pomade in your bathroom can make your evening much better and it also adds shine to your hair

Hairspray: you can use hair spray instead of using blow dry for your hair style

Gentle Shampoo: do not shampoo your hair everyday it will make your hair dry. Instead of washing frequently you can also wash it 2 – 3 times a day. When you don’t shampoo on normal days you can groom your hair normally. Do not brush your wet hair. Use your hands gently or use wide tooth comb.

Curly Hairstyles

  • Long Beach Cut:this look is especially made for guys who have long but not so thick hair. You can get this look with the help of little mousse.


  • Short Sophisticated Cut:guys who are really sophisticated and penchant for neatness then this can be great cut for them with short hair. The best thing about this look is that it is very easy to maintain. Bit of gel and an easy going conditioner that will help you to get this look


  • Tight Fashionable Cut:little pomade or serum will add shine to your short and rigid curls. If your hair is curly then you need lot more attention for it. But with the help of these tips and tricks you can yourself attain the stardom.


  • Use cold water for your last rinse of your hair: – using hot water for your precious hair strands can be hard on your part. While cold water helps to keep your hair shaft closed so that there is no accumulation of dirt in the scalp. When the hair is dry curls can look sleek and shiny. If the idea of running cold water to full body is scarring you, then you can simply try washing your hair in the sink. Even when you are taking hot water shower, you should always use shower cap to avoid hot water directly to your hair as it will protect your curls.
  • Do not use towel, instead use clean t-shirt to dry your hair: – drying your hair with t shirt will make your hair less frizzy and will not damage your hair. Later on put your head upside down and shake it to remove all the water from your hair and let the curl make their natural shape. You can even use microfiber towels; those are gentler on your hair and are more absorbent than a T- shirt.
  • Use a curl-enhancing product: – using an expensive anti frizz serum can be adequate. After washing apply bit of hair products to your wet hair and comb it with wide comb, starting from roots to the tips and it will prevent breakage. You can also use curl defining gel. Make sure that each of your curl should get the product form root to the ends. Once you are done use fingers to scrunch the curls and give them the extra definition.