Tips to Avoid Getting Stuck in Solitaire Spider Freecell Card Game

Solitaire spider freecell card game is a strategy game that’s not the ideal choice if you are looking to have a blast. But for people who have are addicted, they need to know a few things before starting another game. For starters, you better play or transfer 5,6,7 or 8 card in many situations. This may help you to play or transfer a free down card!


With that being said, following we are giving you a list of tips and practices to help you achieve perfection in the game. So stay tuned!

  • Always Go through the Tutorial
  • Watch out for the indicator that shows card you can move to another tableau. There are different indicators suggesting your next move according to foundation piles. If you cannot see them yourself, you can always use Show hints in the game menu
  • You should know, auto-complete move cards for you from the foundation mile on its own, so don’t use it very often
  • If you somehow enabled auto-complete, you need to shuffle through the hand a few times. This will help you increase your overall score.
  • Turn up the first card off deck before you make any other move. It will improve the initial number cards and the best way you can use them
  • When playing solitaire spider freecell card game, try to move an Ace or Deuce to foundation whenever you can
  • Change cards from column to column only to allow a down card to be freed or to smooth the column
  • Focus on turning over cards in the longest column, if you don’t control the length, they will ruin the game for you
  • Never empty a tableau pile, if you don’t have a king to put in there, it’s better to leave your options open, something better will show up later