What Month Do Chrysanthemums Bloom?

Chrysanthemums Bloom

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Almost all species of chrysanthemum are native to the plains of East Asia, particularly in Japan. However, the historiography of cultivation was first carried out in China for 3,000 years BC. It was Karl Linnaeus, a Swedish botanist who introduced chrysanthemum to the West around 1753. Robert Fortune brought this plant to England in the middle of the 18th century. In the 8th Century BC, Japan began to cultivate it. They celebrated a national festival called the Festival of Happiness as a form of admiration for chrysanthemums.

The Japanese queen’s crown used is often depicted with chrysanthemums. In China, it is also a representation of a happy life or happiness. There is a famous philosophy in China, If you want to be happy all your life, then plant them. This type of shrub can grow from 50cm to 2 m. Plants that have a variety of blooms are annual and perennial. This annual type is a type that immediately dies after the blooming season is over. Perennial is a type that can bloom many times. But, of course, you need special care after the blooming season is over for perennial types. Then, what month do chrysanthemums usually bloom?

Each variety has a different blooming season. But most mums will bloom in four to eight weeks. Chrysanthemum is one type of flowering plant that is easy to manipulate during the blooming season. You need to give it an adequate amount of light. Some types of them have a short bloom period. This species has a natural blooming period in late summer, fall, and early winter. The type that has a long blooming period has a blooming period in spring and summer. However, commercial chrysanthemums will usually be forced to bloom in all seasons. You can do that by reducing the exposure time they get every day.

Their first flowering is at the end of July. Meanwhile, those planted in early autumn show off their blooms in September. And mums planted in late fall begin their stunning display of color in October. There are many ways to prolong and perfect chrysanthemum flowering. You can follow some tips on how to care for it to help it bloom perfectly.

bloom perfectly

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  • Choose the right planting medium: You can’t use growing media for it only with soil. You have to make sure the texture of the planting media is loose. In other words, make a mixture of soil with various other planting media. The most appropriate planting medium is a mixture of peat soil, husk charcoal, coconut husk, and organic fertilizer. It must be in a ratio of 1:4:1:1.
  • Do watering in the morning: You have to pay attention to the watering time. It is because they are either dry or rotten. Watering them should be done in the morning, especially if the dry season is hot. In addition, the technique of watering them is also different. You should not water it from the shoots directly. It can cause spoilage and the growth of bacteria and fungi. The most correct way to water chrysanthemums is to water the stems and soil only.


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  • Use organic fertilizer: After two months since the first planting, you can fertilize the plants again. Use organic fertilizers. So, they don’t rot easily. Use environmentally friendly fertilizers. You can give it compost, green manure, or manure to process it. The use of this fertilizer is so that the planting media is not contaminated with chemicals. Fertilize the chrysanthemum flowers regularly every two months.
  • Keep away from the light: How to care for this one chrysanthemum flower may not be familiar to the ear. Keep them away from light. It is a necessary thing you do to get beautiful and charming flowers. They only need a short time of sun, and at night they need dark areas. You should keep chrysanthemums away from places that get direct light at night. You can put them on the terrace of the house in the shade during the day.

Chrysanthemum is famous for its cut flowers. These beautiful and elegant blooms are perfect for a bouquet arrangement. The types that florists usually use are those that have long and strong stems. If you receive a bouquet of mums, it’s a good idea to pay attention to tips for extending the life of flowers from loved ones.

flowers from loved

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  1. Cut the stems: The first way to care for cut Chrysanthemum flowers is to cut the stems. Use garden shears to prune them. Prune about one to two inches from the bottom of the stem by trimming it at an angle. Make sure to do it again every few days to treat it.
  2. Prune the leaves: You should trim or pluck the leaves that are below the water level in the vase. It will not only make your cut flower bouquet look tidier. It will also prevent bacterial growth. After the initial pruning, you should check for dead or fallen leaves and petals daily to avoid bacterial spoilage.
  3. Give water regularly: After choosing a clean vase, fill it with room temperature water and add a packet of flower food. You should clean the vase, change the water, and flower food every 2 or 3 days.

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