When Should You Call A Garage Door Repair?

When it comes to garage doors, regular care and maintenance should be a priority to ensure they remain in excellent condition. However, sometimes issues can arise that require professional repair or replacement. Knowing when to call for garage door repairs can help you keep your doors in optimal condition. Here are some warning signs that it’s time to contact a qualified garage door repair company:


  1. Noisy operation – If you hear loud, metal-on-metal noises when you open and close your garage door, it’s likely in need of repair. A variety of issues, including worn-out hinges or track problems could cause this.
  2. Slow response time – If the door is slow when you use your remote opener, it may be due to loose connections or motor issues. It’s best to have these checked out before they become bigger problems.
  3. Sticking – If your garage door isn’t opening or closing smoothly, there may be an issue with the track or pulleys that needs professional attention.
  4. Visible damage – If you notice any signs of wear and tear, such as cracks or bent panels, it’s time to call for repairs.
  5. Unusual smells – If you detect a burning smell coming from your garage door, this could be due to an electrical issue with the motor and should be looked at immediately.

If any of these signs are present, calling a professional garage door replacement service in Glen Allen is highly recommended. They can assess the issue and provide a solution to ensure your door is back in good working order as quickly as possible.

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