Wine Delivery in Singapore Makes It More Convenient

A lot of services promising to deliver wines anywhere in Singapore within an hour at a perfectly enjoyable temperature has been advertised throughout the country. With the rising number of recruits to the wine delivery industry, wine lovers in Singapore are now spoilt for choice. Nuevo Vino, for instance, who has been established in the market, has been running well since then.


 “We started Nuevo Vino partly because we wanted to make selecting a wine easy for customers, and that is the reason we have gone with a simple, concise, and jargon-free approach when writing about our wines”, says Audrey Tan who leads the creative marketing team at Nuevo Vino. “Wine is for everyone, not just snobs and purists.”

“Many Singaporeans find the process of choosing a wine too confusing, even intimidating. That is where Nuevo Vino comes in. We translate and relate what we have seen, smelled, tasted, and learned in an honest, simple way,” Audren Tan adds. Nuevo Vino, which is available on Redmart and Lazada, offers free delivery for its customers with no minimum order amount required. Deliveries take three working days at most

Meanwhile, another wine delivery company in Singapore named 75CL likewise represents convenience and satisfaction wrapped up in one. “Consumers no longer want to have to stand in front of a supermarket shelf figuring out which wine to purchase – they want it done for them, and delivered to them in a fast and convenient fashion,” says Thilo Fuchs, the chief innovation officer and co-founder of BottlesXO.

Nevertheless, BottlesXO is vocal in having no intention of fully replacing wine shops. “We see ourselves as the digital version of the friendly neighbourhood brick-and-mortar wine store,” says Thilo Fuchs. “We are creating an additional channel for the consumer, which complements the restaurant or a wine bar or the very good corner shop wine store. Unfortunately, there are corner shop wines stores that do not do deliveries or do not have nice opening hours when you need them most. We pride ourselves as being the solution for every wine related emergency.” BottlesXO also offers free delivery within one hour with no minimum order amount required and vows to deliver their wines at a perfect drinking temperature. BottlesXO is also available on the App Store and Google Play.

Many online wine stores in Singapore intentionally keep their wine collections not that extensive for good reason. “We get leads visiting trade fairs like Vinexpo Vinitaly, and of course, Alimentaria in Barcelona where the industry is booming being the world’s most popular wine exporter. According to Fortune, Spain sold 2.4 billion litres versus France’s 2 billin litres, but only made just €2.6 billion in sales versus France’s €8.7 billion. Starting from Spain is a conscious decision to source standout wines at fair prices,” says Nuevo Vino’s Audrey Tan. According to Tan, while wine sellers want to sample different wines, consumers tend to stick to their few tried-and-tested favourites every now and then, hence keeping a lean selection may serve as a wise decision.

With a collection of only 30 labels costing from $35, BottlesXO’s Fuchs seems to be on the same ground. “The list is kept small because these are labels we can personally vouch for,” says Fuchs. “We know the winemakers and have seen their processes. We know the love and passion that goes into every bottle and we want the consumer to feel that as well.”

Waiter serving red wine

Other wine delivery services in Singapore include Redmart and Wine Connection.

  • Redmart offers a fair selection of wines with prices ranging from $20 and caters to orders from 10 am to 10 pm daily. Redmart is ideal for those who want a wide selection or need wine in bulk. They can even sell some labels of wine in six cases.
  • Wine Collection also sells wine at $20 starting price. However, a shipping cost of $20 will be charged on top of the total order amount if a bottle that costs $24.90 and above is added to the art. Wine Collection entitles customers to enjoy 10% on every retail purchase for $120 yearly registration only.