Blue is the New Black: Why Everyone is Obsessed with Blue Makeup this Season

It’s a colour we most associate with the 1970s, when shimmering blue eyeliner and heavy blue eyeshadows were all the rage.  This spring and summer, however, blue eye makeup has exploded back onto the scene and graced the most stylish and high profile of catwalks, and there’s no reason this most eye catching of makeup trends should be confined to the models from the top fashion houses.


While blue is a colour often associated with melancholy and sombre mood, used well it can be truly beautiful and have that pop and sparkle which dazzles.  Far more bold and ‘grown-up’ than the pastel pinks and peaches which have been on trend until recently, blue eye makeup on models has been used to stunning effect in the past few weeks by Diane Von Furstenberg, Chanel and Missoni, among others.

With big name makeup brands getting in on the blue revival, there’s never been a better time to flex your creativity and give it a whirl.  Whether you’re a professional makeup artist or simply want to add a touch of sparkle to your own makeup palette this summer, now’s the time to start feeling blue.

Start off by treating yourself to a few additions to your makeup collection, and really embrace the idea that the bolder, the better. L’Oréal’s Riche Le Khol in Deep Sea Blue is a really vibrant shade of eyeliner which works particularly well with the Sapphire Rage eyeshadow from MaxFactor, which hand in hand can create a nice smoky, deep blue effect which is ideal for the evening.  Rimmel have also got a Glam Eyes Quad called State of Grace, which features a slightly lighter, wonderfully shimmering shade of blue which verges on teal.  Shimmering blue eyeshadows have that touch of playfulness about them which makes them great for daywear, or perfect for creating that slightly romantic ‘mermaid’ look which proved so popular on the catwalks at the Paris shows.


When it comes to applying your eyeshadow, it’s best to use professional makeup brushes to help achieve the cool blue look.  Especially if you’re blending two or more different shades for dramatic effect, using an oval makeup brush such as the ones offered by Jolie Beauty help you achieve a much smoother, flawless finish.  The super-soft bristles from these oval brushes helps the powder adhere more evenly to your eyelids, which allows you to blend as many different shades as you need or want.

Applying a darker shade of eyeshadow just above your blue eyeliner helps make your eyes look more pronounced, then you can use your brush to gently apply lighter shades the further out you go.  Finishing with a shimmering silver or grey at the furthest edges of your eyelids will make your eyes appear wider, setting off the darker blue of your eyeliner and really making your eyes stand out.

It’s the coolest shade of the summer so far, so if you’re bold enough to give it a try, revive the seventies vibe with a beautiful blue palette.