The 10 Best Exercises for a Flat Belly

Abdominal muscles are the most important parts of our body that are used for maintaining the postures. Weak abs can cause the suffering of the body postures. Abdomen or belly exercises are necessary to gain stability as well as physical strength. Following exercises will help you in getting a flat and lean belly.


1) Burpee:

Burpee is an aerobic full body exercise that is used for increasing abs strength. It is very effective for losing your belly fat and making it flat and strong.


To do a burpee start in a standing position and bring down your body lay your palms on the floor. do a pushup, and immediately return your previous position

2) Mountain Climber:

 The mountain climber is a sort of full body exercise that is performed at almost every gym and training. It stimulates the heart rate and improves the core stability.


To do this places your arms in a pushup position. Drive your right knee towards your chest. Tap the floor and come back to the starting position.

3) Archer row

Archer row is a core muscle exercise that helps to flat your belly. It helps you in making abs and increasing the back strength.


To do his grab a dumbbell. Start in a pushup position Tighten your butt and spread your feet. perform a row with the dumbbell.

4) Half Turkish getup

The half Turkish refers to the category of “core exercise, “That means it’s a comprehensive muscle-builder that will burn belly fat long after your workout is done.


To do this lie your face up and mount your right arm straight overhead. Turn onto your left side stop, and then invert the movement.

5) Dumbbell hot-potato squat

This is a fat loss exercise. It makes your muscles strong and

powerful. Dumbbell swing functions your upper body and increases up your heart rate.


To do this grasp a medium dumbbell and hold it in the racked position. Short down your quads parallel to the ground, and then quickly rise up to standing position.