Does Menopause Accelerate Skin Aging? Learn How to Prevent Sagging and Wrinkles

That menopause brings various transformations to the body of women is no secret. But does it also accelerate the aging process of the facial skin? Most women prefer best acne facial in Manhattan for facial skin care. This is a very common doubt among women approaching menopause and want to find out if the phase will require new care in the beauty ritual.

Want to know what the effects of menopause on your skin are and if it can speed up the appearance of wrinkles, lines of expression and sagging? For these facial skin problems, look for best Brazilian waxing in Manhattan. So you can let us tell you everything you need to know about the process and how to take care of the skin to keep it beautiful and smooth for longer.

Menopause Accelerate Skin Aging

After all, does menopause accelerate the aging of the skin?

The aging of the skin is a natural process, but it may, yes, intensify from the menopause. In this period, there is a reduction in the production of collagen, a protein present in the skin that guarantees elasticity. Therefore, many women notice an increase in sagging of the face.

How to care for the skin during and after menopause?

It is true that menopause can accelerate the aging of the skin, but need not worry: if you want, you can soften the effects of this process. Just like acne and other issues, wrinkles, blotches and sagging can also be treated and minimized – even after menopause.

Other care you can have to keep your skin beautiful

Your day-to-day habits also influence the appearance of your skin – and this is no different in menopause. Hydration of the body is essential to make the hand and feet skin well hydrated. Also check out cheap nail salons in Manhattan and hand and feet skin care.