How to Get Pregnant With a Boy

It’s no use tying the football team’s shirt on the head at the time of sex and not having the shape of the belly to know if your baby will really be the long-awaited boy in the house. But somehow every future mommy likes to risk some sympathies that, at the very least, can be quite amusing.

How to Get Pregnant with a Boy

But how to get pregnant?

It is often said that the menu of a future mother can determine the sex of the baby. Myth or truth, if you intend to know how to conceive of a boy, you can try some gender selection methods for a week before ovulation: abuse of meats, farinaceous, fish and cut milk and derivatives. The explanation is in pH, which can become more alkaline (lower concentration of acidity) favoring the male sperm race and thus increasing the chance of you getting pregnant from a boy.

Older people often say that if you want to have a boy you should let the partner start sex and the relations should always be kept in the evenings on odd days (if even, a girl might be born), but this is a myth . Another unconfirmed hint is scientifically about the “storage system” of sperm. That is, in order to concentrate more number of Y gametes, the future dad should prefer lighter and more airy underwear, such as samba-song type briefs, wide shorts and pants with the lowest cut.

How to make a baby boy – full moon sympathy

In baby gender calendar, the moon is always present in the popular imagination. The protagonist of this sympathy is the one who will hear your prayers: on the first night the moon is very full, you should light a candle of golden color. It’s going to work or not, it stays with the beliefs of each one. That’s why it’s not worth following sympathies to get pregnant as a boy.