All You Need to Know About Toyota Hilux Invincible (2016)

If you’re after toughness and durability, Toyota Hilux Invincible could do the job, bringing you the ultimate performance on the go. It should be nominate for the best-selling pick-up truck of all time with 18 million sales so far. The new Hilux looks awesome as Toyota considers its competitors like Volkswagen and Ford for widening the body to offer more bulkier appearance.


When it comes to cab, the new vehicle gets a major overhaul, enhancing the all-round visibility. The driver is electronically adjustable and can accommodate all drivers with different sizes and shapes. Dashboard is perfectly designed and adds a minimalistic look to the interior, making it all fine from all angels.

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The touchscreen is more intuitive, bringing you the ultimate driving experience. All you need to thump the touchscreen to provoke any sort of reaction. There’s a bad news for Europe buyers as they have been restricted with 2.4liters diesel engine, while the buyers in the rest of world have a powerful option with 2.8-liter unit.

Toyota claims that the new engine will produce Toyota claims that the new engine will produce 148bhp with a more torque that an outgoing 3.0liters can create. The Hilux can reach up to 41.5mpg when fitted with automatic transmission or with six-speed manual.

Its off road ability is just super awesome and what you can enjoy include – an electronically-controlled 4WD system along with selectable modes, rear & front limited slip differentials together with rear locking function. Overall, the Toyota has managed to make a perfect pickup that most buyers will love investing in.

Off road ability and build quality are one of the great pluses that can attract lots of potential buyers. However, some may rate it a little low because of its low efficiency and high price.
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