Photo Studio – Android Pic Editor App

Photo Studio is a photo application for Blackberry and Android composed of effects and tools to increase the quality of photographs but InstaSize-Photo Editor, an Android pic editor app is only developed for Android users. Filters, effects, color editor and frames are available for you to transform your photos and share with friends on social networks.


After downloading and opening the application, the first step is to choose between taking a photo in time to edit it, using the “Camera” option; choose to edit a photo stored on the device by tapping the “Browse” option; or do a multi-photo assembly in “PicFrames”. The “Add-Ons” button serves to download more effects, free and paid.

Made your choice, it’s time to add filters and frame to your image. It is interesting to combine frame and effects paying attention to the colors and shades in order to maintain the harmony of the image and highlight the right items. There are neutral frames – black and white – and artistic, but if you prefer you can keep the photo without frame.

As for filters, there are several options with different colors and structures. You can leave your old-face photo in black and white, bluish, pink, with low saturation and still reverse color channels, among other possibilities.

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In addition, you can create templates for use in other editions. After finishing an image, with frame and effect – do not forget to touch the “V” button to apply each change, touch the “Create a set” option, located at the top of the screen. Enter a name for the set of actions and tap “Ok” to confirm.

Ready, when you want to apply these same actions to a new image, just select the model in “Action Sets”. You can even apply the model more than once to the same photo – or a series of models and create an image with unique characteristics.