What Can You Do to Attract and Keep New Fitness and Coaching Clients

To get more clients for your fitness business, you need to share the stories of famous people. You should share posts on various social media platforms.

To get the spotlight in the news, celebrities of today in Hollywood are transforming their appearance. One of the major diets with celebs’ nutrition is the low carb and high protein diet. They want to gain muscles with a heavy workout. Most of them construct the basic triangle of training such as trainer, nutritionist, and medical doctor. With the medical doctor’s help, they complete their blood test and physical examination. The nutritionist takes the result and decides the supplements plan with the diet.


Here, we will share a story of a celebrity who has made his space in the industry with his dynamic physique and fitness training. He joined the fitness training to attain fitness. No doubt, it is hard to be strict on the same diet.

About Lee Priest

Lee Andrew Priest McCutcheon was a NABBA athlete and Australian IFBB bodybuilder. He is the most popular Pro bodybuilder in Australia and around the globe. He gained fame at a very young age due to his remarkable achievements. He won his first show when he was just 13 years old. He turned IFBB Pro when he was 20 years old. Lee Priest attained IFBB World Amateur Championship, lightweight category. He ranked fourth at 17 years old. He belongs to Australia and is popular for his controversy with his integrity related to delicate issues such as religion and drug use.

He is famous for his other abilities apart from bodybuilding. He has a strong determination and is popular for his enthusiasm for driving and speed-racing cars. At 32, he started racing and won the titles in circle track, drag, and road racing. He is popular for many reasons, and his fan following is very high. It is increasing daily because he knows the trick to be in the news and the center of all eyes. He has fans all over the world.