Smoking Experience Between Different Hookahs

To do the comparison experience we decided to mount the three stem with the same configuration setup and smoke them at the same time. The following Hookah Accessories Vancouver were used in the three stem: Mya Qt vessel, Mini wire dish, Brasuka hose, Pro Hookah Rosh, infinite Hookah pipe, 2 pieces of coconut charcoal and within the Rosh, the Tropical Amazon essence. All with water level with one finger above the down stem.

Smoking Experience Between Different Hookahs


The three stem used in the experiment were shown to be of very good flow and volume of smoke, but of course, all have their peculiarities, which we will describe below.

Egyptian stem: This Hookah Vancouver stem has a good flow, but not something with very large volume, its flow is not so light and not so restricted, it is in the right measure, reminding a little more flow, their breath showed effective, but not too much, since it required 2 very strong purges to clean the entire vessel.

Blank  stem: On the Blank stem, the pull was lighter and quieter, due to the diffuser at the end of the down-stem, but its smoke volume was not too big, ranging from medium to weak medium. We felt that the taste was less pronounced than in the other hookahs, but little, nothing to ruin the session.

Black Hookah stem: It is the newest model on the online Hookah Vancouver market, and as stated above it has the differential of the entire down-stem being aluminum which is also painted, and has two rings marked on it to show the water level. In the session, it was very powerful, having a good pull and a very good volume of smoke, maintaining the taste of the essence in comparison with the other models; however the silence is not strong, because as it does not contain diffuser in his down-stem.

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