5 Best Tobacco Essences for Hookah

Today we decided to elect the top 5 Tobacco Essences for your Hookah Ottawa, which were suggested in surveys made within the Facebook Hookah groups.

Tobacco Tropical Amazon

Tropical Amazon is part of the World Experience line and came with a wonderful flavor and made especially with the flavors of the Amazon rainforest. It has 8 components from the forest that make the essence a refreshing smoke. So if you like essences that focus on refreshing, minty flavors, it’s perfect for a whole new experience.

5 Best Tobacco Essences for Hookah

Tobacco Wild Africa

Another one of the World Experience line that users have chosen is Wild Africa. This essence has a very striking flavor and brings very intense fruits of the African region. Some say they taste mango with lemon, others say they taste passion fruit together. It is a little refreshing, but nothing too strong.

Tobacco Splash Tanger

Now moving to the Splash line that was well spoken by connoisseurs of the Herbal Molasse Ottawa world, users chose the Splash Tanger. It has a very striking tangerine flavor and a slight refreshment that runs away from menthol and only freezes your taste buds. For those who like a smoke more drawn to the sweet and not very menthol, this essence is ideal.

Tobacco Strong Red

The last release of Strong Line was Strong Red. The strong line was well spoken in the world of Egyptian Hookah Ottawa because it has strong and very striking flavors. The strong red is strawberry flavored and with very strong refreshment, your throat gets very cold.

Tobacco Taj Mahal

It is based on a tea that brings some notes like: pepper, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and some other ingredients, with a very exotic and different flavor than what you find today in the market. For those who like a taste totally different from what exists in the market.

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