How to Child-Proof Your Plumbing: 6 Easy Steps

Small kids can be anywhere and play with anything inside the house. When parents are not looking, kids can go near relevant house systems, such as electrical and plumbing, causing harm to themselves and the system. Child-related accidents are often behind most plumbing emergency calls. However, you cannot blame a kid for climbing on exposed pipes or grabbing water valves under the sink. Kids are naturally curious and playful, and they simply don’t mix well with your home’s plumbing.


Kids may have a hard time understanding why plumbing fixtures are off limits. So, try the best you can to child-proof your plumbing system. Here are 6 effective yet easy steps to do it.

Lock the toilet lid

Since toilets are very easy to reach, toddlers can easily throw any household items into them, such as toys, tissue paper, clothing, and shoes. This can end up in a serious clog problem in your home. You can prevent this from happening by making sure the lid is put down when the toilet is not in use. In case your kids still keep opening up the lid after you put it down, using a toilet lid lock would be a great idea.

Conceal exposed indoor plumbing

Kids will not play with items they cannot see. Take away your kid’s attention from your indoor plumbing by hiding pipes behind furniture or appliances. You can also make your exposed pipes blend in with the wall color or design by painting them. Another option is to protect pipes with a plastic or rope cover.

Put steep stools near the sink or faucet

Since the faucet or the sink is too high for small kids to reach, they end up stepping or climbing on water pipes or valves. This is pretty dangerous for both your kids and your plumbing system. Make sure to provide steep stools that allow kids to reach the faucet or sink for washing hands.

Don’t leave the kids unattended

At all times, watch over your children to keep them safe wherever you’re outside or at home. There are potential threats to your child’s safety even inside the home. So, never take them out of your sight. Perhaps, the best way to child-proof your plumbing is to make your kids understand the proper use of it. Show them how to use water fixtures responsibly and teach them the importance of saving water.

Install a safety gate

If you have a very active kid who cannot stop running around and messing with plumbing fixtures, consider installing a safety gate. This will prevent your kid from damaging pipework that leads to costly repairs. Make sure to use sturdy and non-toxic materials when building a safety gate for your toddlers.

Schedule a regular plumbing inspection and maintenance

It is one of your responsibilities as a homeowner to get your plumbing system professionally checked and maintained. Do not wait for plumbing issues to happen before you call a plumber. Otherwise, you’ll have to deal with high repair costs.


To learn more about childproofing your plumbing system, don’t hesitate to talk to a plumbing expert. Most plumbing companies are now offering free consultations and estimates. Make the call today!