Share Your Computer Screen with 3 Easy-to-use Applications

In videoconferences, screen sharing or online chats, there is often a need for everyone involved to see the same screen. To accomplish this task, there are some tools that allow multiple users in different locations to see what is presented on a single computer.

Below, you can see some free screen sharing tools that, besides being able to communicate by text, audio or video, still allow the screen to be seen finished from a computer remotely.

Screen Sharings


The famous chat program from Microsoft allows you to share your screen in a very simple way.

Just open the window with whom you want to talk and make the call. After that, go to the Calling item in the top menu of the window, and click Share screen. Immediately, it will appear inside the chat screen of the other participants in the conversation.

Firefox Hello!

The Firefrox browser system allows you to share the screens that appear inside the browser. To enable the feature, simply install the latest version of Firefox on your machine. So when the person is online and wants to share, just click on the Hello icon in the upper right corner of the screen, copy the link and send it to the friend. You can enable audio and video capabilities to facilitate communication and cancel the action at any time.

Google Hangouts!

The Google service can be accessed directly over web or through add-ons, extensions, smartphone apps, or in the chat area of ​​Gmail or Google email App. With so many access options, it could be more intuitive and feature a program that worked 100% off the browser (as was with Google Talk). Other than this small problem, it’s a great way to put together different machines on one screen. It is robust and works well on slow connections. To use the web version, just go to the website and click Start a video call.

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