Bubble Shooter Review: Simple Yet Challenging

The brand new Bubble Shooter is a colorful tradable game developed by 3D Games. It comes with a sparky presentation and a clean interface. It uses tried and tested formulae that never failed. But considering you are now playing this on android, is it really worth your time? Let’s Find Out!


A Standout Entry

Let’s get real here, there are a lot of entries in the genre but this one really stands out. The storyline evolving the sheep is something we are seeing for the first time. Other than that, almost everything is basic. There are different realms in the game and gaming modes. They offer pretty different variety. There are also a few gameplay changes among them. All this makes the Bubble Shooter a unique entry. In addition of these, the new game has the following leading edge features:

  • 200 Unique Levels
  • New Maps
  • New Pros like Fire Bubble, Bomb Bubble, Color Bubble etc
  • Great Graphics
  • Easy to Learn
  • Great Replay Value
  • Good Controls

The entry is a breeze, the whole thing works on single taps and they are great. The game is responsive and easy to play. There will be no misplaced balls in this game. Moreover, we didn’t found any speed or stability issues in hours of testing.

The game doesn’t squeeze a lot of power, only fair processing. Each aspect of the game is great from development, gameplay and the overall presentation. It’s a great entry!

Final Verdict

Topping up, the Bubble Shooter is a pick and play shooter. The levels are easy at first but they get complex with progress. The challenge is heated up and soon beating all stages becomes quite a challenge. The 3D Games added some unique to the whole mix with the sheep element and it was mind. So yes, it’s worth your time.